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Folegandros Island in Greece: Travel Guide (2024)

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Are you thinking about visiting Folegandros Island in Greece? That’s great. In this article, I will tell you more about the island. How to get to Folegandros? Where to stay there? And many more useful Folegandros travel trips.

Folegandros is a tiny island in the Cycladic archipelago. It’s a pure gem among Greek islands. And it’s an amazing place for a one- or more nights stop during Greek island hopping.

I totally fell in love with this island when visiting it during one of my island hopping trips in Cyclades.

Check out this Folegandros Travel Guide for all the information.

Quick links to organise your trip to Folegandros Island:

FERRIES: Check schedules and book your ferry tickets.

ACCOMMODATION: Book your accommodations here.

In Folegandros, look at: Blue Sand Boutique Hotel / Provalma / Pegados Villas

CAR: Here, you can compare prices and rent a car.

TOURS: Here, you can book guided tours and attractions. For example, Discover Folegandros tour.

A few words about Folegandros

Folegandros is a small island in the west-southern part of the Cyclades. It has less than 700 inhabitants registered, and in winter, it’s even less than that.

If you look at the map, the closest ‘more known islands’ are Milos, Ios, and, the most known, Santorini.

There are two possible roots for Folegandros’ name. According to the legend, it comes from the son of King Milos of Crete, who inhabited the island first. The second potential root comes from the ruggedness of the island and its rocky landscape.

Rocky landscapes and steep cliffs are what the island is known for. Cliffs can be even more surprising, as most people associate cliffs only with Santorini.

When it comes to history, the island was conquered by the Venetians in the 13th century (what’s still visible in the architecture in Chora), then it was under the Ottoman Empire. It was united with Greece in the 19th century. In the 20th century, the island was used as an internal exile for political prisoners.

Folegandros is known for its history, beaches, and landscapes, but also for its tradition. One of the most known is tradition (for example, processions) during Easter.

Folegandros Island in Greece: Tourism on Folegandros

Folegandros is a small and still ‘less known’ island; however, in recent years, it has gained more popularity and developed a lot of touristic infrastructure, like new hotels.

Fortunately, it’s not huge hotels but rather small places built in Cycladic style. So the island has its charm, and I think we can say it’s still keeping its authenticity.

I honestly suspect it’s going to gain more and more popularity soon. It’s just too beautiful not to get noticed by a larger number of tourists. Also, people are searching for less-known and less-crowded places; this is generic trend in tourism. The good thing is that, because of its size and number of places to stay, it does have number limitations. So hopefully, it will stay as it is for longer. It’s such a ‘relief’ when you arrive in Folegandros from Santorini; it feels like a different word.

Anyway, visit it as soon as you can. You will not regret it.

Folegandros Island in Greece: How to get to Folegandros

There is no airport in Folegandros. The closest bigger airport with international flights is Santorini Airport. There is also a small, national-only airport on Milos Island.

Obviously, to get to Folegandros, you need to take a ferry. You can catch a ferry from Athens. Another route is a ferry from Santorini. You can also catch a ferry from other islands, like Milos or Naxos. So you can add Folegandros to your Greek island hoping route easily.

Ferries go for all year around, but in the summer months, there is bigger number of ferries. If you travel during the high season, book your tickets in advance, as it can get really busy.

Search for the schedule and book your tickets here.

In Folegandros, the winds can be really strong. It can happen that they are too strong and the ferry is not able to stop at the island. It’s a higher chance in winter for such a situation, but it’s worth remembering that it happens on Greek islands and on Folegandros even more.

Folegandros Island in Greece: Port

Ferries arrive at the port in Karavostasis village. The port of Karavostasis is a small port without bigger infrastructure; there is just a bus stop and a roof to hide from the sun. The village is right there as well, so you can find a taverna, café, beach, and accommodations just a few steps away.

From the port, there is a public bus to Chora, and the timetable depends on the ferry schedule. The tickets cost around 2 Euro (have cash with you!) and it takes not more than 10 minutes to arrive from the port to Chora.

If you want to travel to other villages, you need to change buses at the Chora bus station.

Folegandros Island in Greece: Where to stay in Folegandros

There are 4 main settlements on the island: Chora (the main town and capital of Folegandros), Karavostasis (where the port is), Ano Meria (a small traditional village), and Agali (a very small beach village).

The biggest tourist infrastructure is in places next to the port and in Chora. What’s interesting is that Chora is very lively in the summer, but in the winter time, it’s pretty empty, and the live moves to Ano Meria.

One of the reasons is the weather.

I stayed in Chora, and I really enjoyed it. It was calm during the day and lively in the evening, but it was just nice; it wasn’t too crowded.

If you choose the accommodation in the other villages, I would encourage you to stay in Chora for one night or just visit it for one evening. You just need to see the sunset there (I will say more in the next chapters).

One important remark, similarly to what I’ve said about ferries.

Book your accommodation in advance, especially if you are travelling during the peak season. Even if tourist infrastructure has developed on the island, there is still a limited number of places. Generally, it’s a good practice to book your accommodation in advance if you travel to any of the smaller islands.

I’m writing this article in February, and I’m seeing that many places are already booked out for June.

Ok, let’s see where to stay in Folegandros and what places are the best in any of the settlements.

Where to stay in Folegandros: Agali

Agali is a small beach village next to Agali Beach. From here, you can also take taxi boats to get to other beaches. It has a beach, a taverna, and a few places to stay.

Agali will be a great place if you want to stay just next to the sea and you love beaches, calmness, and remote locations. It’s around 4 kilometres from Chora. If you feel like it’s a place for you, look at Blue Sand Boutique Hotel & Suites.

The hotel is in Cycladic style, with a modern and elegant interior. It lies on the hill, only 15 metres from the beach. Balconies and views are incredible. It’s this ‘paradise’ style of accommodation. You can also eat a good breakfast at the hotel.

Where to stay in Folegandros: Ano Meria

Ano Meria is a traditional village with a few restaurants. It has a few places to stay, and a few look very encouraging. Ano Meria will be a good place if you want a calmer atmosphere and great conditions at a reasonable price.

Have a look at these three places to stay in the village of Ano Meria. They all have swimming pools and great opinions:

Where to stay in Folegandros: Karavostasis

Karavostasis is a village where the port is and the second settlement with the biggest tourist infrastructure. It has a small beach, and other beaches are walking distance away.

It will be a good place for you if you want to be close to beaches and you are not a fan of ‘tourist hassle’. Although Chora Folegandros is not that extremely touristic, here in port village it will be even less.

It’s also a good place to stay if you want to be close to the ferry, as, for example, you are taking the early one.

The village is around 4 km from Chora.

There are a few modern places to stay in Karavostasis village:

  • Anemi Hotel: with swimming pool, fitness and spa centre, and restaurant in which breakfast is served
  • Maistros: house with an amazing terrace and the view
  • Sirocos: two-bedroom house in Cycladic style with a big terrace
  • AMO Folegandros: suites with sea view and hot tube

Where to stay in Folegandros: Chora

Note that Chora of Folegandros can also be called Folegandros town. It’s the town with the biggest tourist infrastructure and the place where all the summer action goes on. The most lively point on the island, especially in the evening (during the day it has quite a ‘lazy’ atmosphere).

You will find places to stay, tavernas and cafes, souvenir shops, and grocery stores there. It has a ‘tourist atmosphere’ but I think it’s in very good taste, and it’s not too much.

In Chora, you can find a good mix of places to stay. There are typical private rooms, as well as hotels. Again, it’s still small hotels, not huge chain hotels in ‘all-inclusive’ style.

Private rooms

Private rooms and small guesthouses are pretty typical forms of accommodation in Greece. The rooms mentioned here are maybe not the newest and most elegant in a modern décor, but they are very ‘Greek’. It’s worth mentioning them, especially since they can be a more budget-friendly option.

  • Meltemi: rooms with a patio
  • Artemis Rooms
  • Evgenia Rooms:Iit’s where I stayed in Folegandros. The room was quite standard, and the bathroom was quite small. From positive side, the place looked very nice outside, in Greek colours, with a lot of flowers around. The room had a patio and table outside. And the location was very good: close to the bus stop in Chora and to the centre and cafes.


All of the mentioned hotels are small boutique style and all of them have swimming pools. Check out any of these hotels:

  • Polikandia Hotel: It doesn’t happen often that a hotel has such a high rating (almost 10). Interior is a bit different than any other ‘Cycladic modern style’ hotel.
  • Aeri Chora: with a poolside bar and breathtaking views from the swimming pool and rooms
  • Pegados Villas: you can choose a villa with one or two bedrooms, as well as a superior villa. Most of them have an Aegean Sea view and a hot tube. They have one common swimming pool.
  • Chora Resort and Spa: a bit bigger hotel with spa, swimming pool, and breakfast.

As you can see, there are great places to stay on the island of Folegandros. You can choose the place and type of accommodation according to your needs, and I hope you could choose some a great place for you. In all of these places, there is one common thing that travellers mention in the comments: hospitality. It’s quite standard on a small Greek island, and the hospitality of the owners is really remarkable. Again, remember to book accommodations in advance.

What to do and see on Folegandros?

Beaches and hiking

The island of Folegandros is known for amazing beaches, in bays, or in between cliffs, including Katergo Beach and Livadaki Beach.

If you are a beach person, then stay in Agali or at the port. From there, you can get to many beaches by small boat or by foot. I love the view of the sea, but I’m not really laying-on-the-beach person, so I’m not able to give you exact information. But I’ve found a pretty good article about Folegandros beaches, and you can read it here. It says to which beach you can get by walk and to which you should take a water taxi (and from where).

I have to admit that even a small beach next to the port was beautiful. It had amazing turquoise, crystal clear waters.

Folegandros is also a good place for hiking. You can hike to the beach, there are also a few hike trials starting in Ano Meria.

Ano Meria

It is the second-biggest settlement on the island and the main one during the winter. There are 4 hiking trails starting in Ano Meria.

It’s an old and authentic small village. There are a few places to stay (not many though), a few tavernas, and a bakery. Tavernas are one of the reasons to visit the village.

There is also an Eco and Folklore Museum in Ano Meria; that’s another reason for a visit.

There are 4 hiking trials starting in the village.

If you don’t have a car, you can get to Ano Meria by public buses. You will find the timetable at the bus station in Chora.


When arriving in Folegandros, we took a morning ferry from Ios Island and arrived in Chora in the middle of the day. I remember the first walk into town after leaving the luggage; I felt like I was in some movie. Chora is just extremely cute and charming. Before Folegandros, I saw the other 6 Cycladic islands, and still, the town surprised me. Obviously, part of it is specially built for tourists, but that doesn’t decrease its charm.

White small houses with colourful doors, tables, tones of flowers, and sweet small cafes. Even the medical point was charming! What exactly should you do and see in Chora in Folegandros?

Wander in alleys

For the first point, I’ve already replied. Just walk the streets and wander. Don’t stay only on the main square; but turn to all other small streets. Prepare for a long walk, as you will want to picture everything.

You will also pass some shops and boutiques with clothes or jewellery. Sit down for some Greek coffee in one of the cafes.

One of the most known cafes for coffee or breakfast is Pounta on Pounta Square. It’s one of the first places you see when you walk from the bus station. From the square, you can see the rocky cliffs, and there is also a café. There is some interesting story behind the owners of the café. You can also buy their hand-made ceramics. Be sure to enter the backyard garden as well.


Kastro is the oldest part of Chora and a great place for a walk. It’s houses and streets now it was built as a Venetian fortress, or rather, defensive settlement, in the 13th century. It was built to protect citizens; it’s built at the 200-metre elevation. Within Kastro, you will also find a few churches (and more churches are around in the town).

Walk ‘till the end’ of Kastro to see amazing views from the elevation. You can understand why this settlement was protective.

Winery and wine bar

I visited the wine bar, which was just a short walk from Chora. It had a nice interior, good wine, and a great view for Panagia Church. I’ve tried to search for it to be able to link it for you, but I couldn’t find it. However, I’ve found a winery that looks like it can be in the same place. Maybe the name was changed? Anyway, it’s the only winery on the island. It has local wines, views, and even food. Check it out if you have more time in Chora.

Church Panagia

In the end, I left probably the biggest attraction on the island. For sure, one of the most pictured. The Panagia Church is built on the rock, and you can reach it by winding path. The path itself looks incredible in the pictures and in person. It takes around 10-15 minutes to reach the church from the town, and it’s not a very tough walk. You will find the way for sure; it’s quite busy, especially during evenings for sunset. The views are just stunning, and you don’t need to go all the way up to see them.

Many Cycladic islands have such well-known sunset points (in Ios, it’s also where the church is), so there is something special about them.

The spectacular view from the hill where the church of Panagia is, especially in sunset light, it’s something that you just can’t miss during your visit to Folegandros.

Folegandros Island in Greece: Folegandros During Island Hopping and Summary

It’s amazing how much you can do on and write about such a small island. I hope this article has helped you organise your trip to this charming island.

You can stay in Folegandros for longer holidays. You can also visit it for a shorter period during island hopping. If you are planning to travel to the southern part of the Cyclades, I really recommend adding Folegandros to your list. You can combine it with visiting Santorini, Ios, or Milos. You can also add an even smaller island, Sikinos, which is on the way to Folegandros.

You can also combine it with Paros and Naxos. I wouldn’t recommend combing it with northern islands like Tinos unless you have a lot of time (at least a month) and want to visit most of the islands in one trip.

Santorini is absolutely unique, but it’s so touristic and crowded that it can be tiring. It’s so worth visiting other, less-known Cyclades as well.

Island-hopping in Greece is another level of holiday. Just be careful, as it can be addictive😉.

Organising a ‘circuit’ trip on Greek islands is absolutely worth it, but it can also be quite demanding to organise.

Especially if you want to fit more islands into your route. Do you want to save many hours of research and still organise the perfect island-hopping?

Check out my Planbook. Cyclades to get a lot of tips and tricks and ready-to-copy routes.

(Planbook is coming soon!).

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