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How to get from Zagreb to Split: All Travel Options

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How to get from Zagreb to Split? It’s one of the most common journeys during visits in Croatia. You can travel by different means of transportation, car, train, bus and flight.

In this article, I will describe in details all the options.

Of course, all transports apply to Zagreb to Split and to opposite direction, Split to Zagreb, too.

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Zagreb and Split: Short description

Zagreb and Split are two biggest cities in Croatia. Zagreb is the largest city (with even 1,000,000 in the whole urban area) and capital of Croatia. Split has around 160,000 inhabitants, it’s second biggest city in Croatia, so also the biggest city in Dalmatia and on the Croatian part of Adriatic Coast generally.

I have to admit, I wouldn’t be able to choose which one is better and which one should you choose. I very much like both of them, but they are also very different. Zagreb has more city-break and Central Europe capital vibe and architecture. Split is determined by the sea, it has very coastal vibe. Dalmatian coast. It’s not easy to describe it, but you will feel it right away after you arrive.

Both cities have monuments to visit, with Split having very important Unesco World Heritage Site, so Diocletian’s Palace.

Summing up, I think it’s really great that will have a chance to travel between Zagreb and Split and visit both of the cities.

How far is it between Zagreb and Split?

Zagreb lies in the north of Croatia, close to the boarder with Slovenia. Split lies on the coast, in central part of Dalmatia.

It’s around 400 km (around 150 miles) between Zagreb and Split.

Let’s look at exact details of all the travel options.

From Zagreb to Split: Plane

In both cities obviously there are international airports. They are used all-year-round, but in Split Airport you can find many seasonal flights during the summer months.

You can fly directly from Zagreb to Split, with Croatia Airlines. The flight time is 50 minute and there are a few direct flights daily on this route.

Price depends on how in advance you book it, and the time of the flight, but you can find plane tickets at around 58 Euro one way.

Airports in both cities are around 30 minutes from the city center, and in both cases you can take shuttle buses which take you to bus stations (for 8 Euro one way). You can find detailed schedule on Pleso website.

And here you can read more about these two and all other airports in Croatia.

From Zagreb to Split: Train

You can take also train on this route, although travel time takes over 6 hours and 30 minutes. It can get busy during the peak season, so make your seat reservation in advance.

There are two train connections per day in this direction, in summer season there is also night train (with sleeping wagons). The first class ticket costs 38 Euro, the second class tickets costs 27 Euro.

You can check out schedule and book train tickets on the Croatian Railways website.

Train station in Zagreb (Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor) is well located in the city centre. It’s around 5 minute tram ride (or around 20 minute walk) from the bus station, where bus from the Zagreb Airport takes you.

Split train station is walking distance to the old town and it’s very close to bus station and harbour.

When it comes to public transport, Split is very comfortable, as both stations and ferry port are close to each other. And close to the old town, many accommodations, etc.

From Zagreb to Split: Bus

Quicker and more common option is getting from Zagreb to Split by bus. Generally, in Croatia and whole Balkan region bus services are more popular and better connected than trains.

There are many bus connections between both cities, during summer season even more.

The journey time takes around 5 hours. Look for example at bus companies Flixbus or Nomago, which is the fastest bus. The cost of bus ticket starts at around 20 Euro (again depending on time of the day you choose and when you buy).

Bus station in Split has a great location, close to Riva, old town and to harbour, which is very important if you are planning to travel to islands, for example Hvar.

Zagreb bus station is around 5 minute tram ride and 20 minute walk from the train station and around 10 minute tram ride and 40 minute walk from the Ban Jelačić Square.

From Zagreb to Split: Car

Another option is getting from Zagreb to Split by car. Driving distance is 400 km, it will take you around 4 hours.

You can choose two different routes. One is more scenic route, so called ‘old route’, D1 or newer highway, A1 (part of E71).

Highways in Croatia are paid. When calculating times, remember about traffic conditions, as traffic can be huge in summer.

See here for checking out, comparing rental companies, and renting a car.

The advantage of travelling by car might be stops on the way, especially if you choose the old route. The most known point to stop by is Plitvice Lakes National Park. A bit further there is also Krka National Park. Both are amazing and absolutely worth visiting, if you like nature.

From Zagreb to Split: Private Transfer

If you don’t want to rent a car, but still feeling like you want to travel privately and in more comfortable condition, you can look at private transfers. There are even transfers which allow you to stop by for a few hours in Plitvice.

It’s a very comfortable option and best way to see additional beautiful attraction on the way.


As you see, the journey from Zagreb to Split is easy and has many options you can choose from. All the information applies also to the opposite direction, so your journey from Split to Zagreb.

As I’ve mentioned, both cities are great destinations and you will not be bored in any of them. If you have more time in Split, I really suggest you look at travelling to any island, even if only for a day trip.

There are a few islands which you can visit easily from Split, including Brač, Šolta, and the most popular Hvar.

If you are planning to travel further, from Split to Dubrovnik, here you can find detailed information about this journey.

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