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Port of Split Croatia Guide: Ferry and Cruise Port

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Port of Split, Croatia. From here, you can catch boats to islands, ferries to other cities and countries, and disembark cruise ships during your Mediterranean cruise to visit the beautiful city of Split.

In this article, I will share the details about Port of Split, which will be useful for both passengers of ferries and passengers of cruisers.

Where is the Port of Split? How to reach town centre and Old Town from the port? All the useful tips are below.

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A few words about Split

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and the largest on the coast. It’s one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia and in the whole Mediterranean part of Europe. It lies on the Dalmatian coast. It has a sea, famous beaches (for example, Bačvice Beach), but also a city vibe with a lot of restaurants, cafes, and nightlife. It also has amazing monuments and points of interest: Saint Domnius Cathedral, Bell Tower, or Marjan Forest Park with spectacular views. And obviously, the most important Unesco World Heritage Site is Diocletian’s Palace, the ancient palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian. The palace is now incorporated into the town, which gives it an amazing feeling.

As a Croatia lover (and Croatian philologist), I’ve visited Split many times, and I can officially admit that I’m in love with this city. It’s one of my favourite places in Europe, and I would like to encourage you to visit it.

Although I have to say that visiting Split in the peak season of July or August can be tiring due to crowds. If it’s possible, try to visit it in April, May, the beginning of June, September, and October.

Split has an international airport, with a lot of connections during the summer season. Here you can read more about how to get from Split Airport to Split City Centre.

Port of Split

Split has the biggest passenger port in the country. Split Port (Luka Split in Croatian) is also one of the busiest passenger ports in the region. Due to its location, it’s also an attractive destination for cruisers. In recent years, it has reached over 5 million passengers per year.

Port of Split lies in a great location, in the city centre and a short walk to Old Town and Riva (seaside promenade with palm trees).

It accommodates both, regular ferries and cruise ships. Cargo terminal has been separated and redirected to the industrial zone (Vranjic-Solin and Kaštela basins).

The port has a long history and has been changing along with historical and government changes in the Split region through the centuries. One thing is obvious, though: it was always an important point on the maritime route due to its geographic position.

Port of Split Location

Port is located close to the train station and just opposite the bus station. So it’s really comfortable if you are travelling from the airport or from other coastal towns, as you will arrive with the bus just crossing the road from the port.

Next to the port, there are some cafes, bakeries, and luggage storage points, so you will have everything you need there. It’s just worth knowing that it can be really busy and chaotic there due to the number of passengers.

Port of Split Croatia Guide: Split Ferry Port

The city of Split is a gateway to many beautiful spots on the coast, especially islands.

Croatia has over 1000 islands and islets (65 inhabited) and islands in Central Dalmatia, so around Split, they are absolutely exceptional. For example, Hvar Island or Brač Island with beautiful beaches, just to name a few.

So from Split Ferry Port, you can get to all the islands. You can take a car ferry or passenger catamarans; there are different catamaran lines.

If you travel during the highest season, book your ferry tickets in advance. You can do it online or at the ticket offices in the port. The ferry schedule changes depending on the time of the year. Obviously, during the summer, there are more connections to islands. You can check and book it, for example, here.

Split to Italy Ferry

You can also travel by ferry from Split to Italy, more precisely to Ancona.

There are no passenger ferries from Split to Venice (and from Venice to Split), but you can get from Venice to Croatia, just to other cities in the north. Check details regarding Venice to Croatia ferries here.

Port of Split Croatia Guide: Cruise Port of Split

The Cruise Port of Split is just next to the ferry port. Cruisers can dock a bit further away from the Old Town, but it’s still within walking distance to the Old Town and centre.

It’s one of the main questions that cruise passengers ask before arriving in Split: Can you walk from the cruise ship to the centre of Split, Croatia? The answer is: Yes, absolutely. It will take you around 10 minutes to walk to the centre and Old Town.

So it’s pretty comfortable in comparison to other tourist places where disembarking the cruise ship is a bit more complicated, for example, in Santorini.

On the way to the Old Town, you will pass a ferry terminal, cafes, and the bus station. It’s a very easy walk; just by the straight road, you will find it right away.

In the past, cruisers anchored in the port and tender boats brought passengers to the land. Now it doesn’t happen often; there are up to 6 places for cruisers on the cruise terminal piers.

If you want to know how many cruisers will arrive on the same day as yours, you can check it out on this website.

Looking at cruise ship itineraries, they are going to be great cruises with a lot of interesting ports. I see that quite often, you will also visit Dubrovnik and Kotor in Montenegro; both cities are very beautiful.

Port of Split Croatia Guide: Summary

Summing up, the passengers Port of Split has a great and comfortable location for passengers and cruise travelers. It’s a busy place, but it’s located within walking distance, with an easy straight-forward walk to the beautiful Old Town and Riva. The port is next to public transportation (bus and train stations) and easily reachable from the airport, which makes it even more comfortable for travellers.

The Ferry Port and Split Cruise Port terminals are next to each other.

Split is a great place to visit, whather for one day during your cruise or for a longer holiday. It’s also the perfect place to start a visit to the islands or any other coastal towns and attractions in the region (like Krka National Park or the Cetina River). If you are in Split for longer, don’t miss a visit to Trogir, a charming town with narrow streets and the Old Town on a tiny island.

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