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Santorini to Mykonos: Day Trip, Ferry, Flight

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How to get from Santorini to Mykonos? Is it possible to make Santorini to Mykonos day trip?

There are two options to get between these islands: by ferry or by plane (or helicopter). Day trips are not easy to organise in this case. They could be possible, but they are not really recommended. In this article, I will explain why and give you details and useful information about every option.

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Markakis in Fira / Heliophos Caves next to Oia / Crystal Blue in Kamari

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A few words about Santorini and Mykonos islands

The island of Santorini and the island of Mykonos are two of the most well-known Greek islands. Santorini is a dream of many travellers because of its views and romantic atmosphere. Mykonos is considered a luxurious party island.

Both islands are in the Cyclades archipelago, together with the other 22 inhabited islands. Santorini lies in the south of the archipelago (it’s the southernmost island), while Mykonos is one of the northern islands. As they are the most known islands of all the Cyclades, you may think they are also the largest. They are not. Santorini is a relatively small island. Mykonos is bigger than Santorini, but there are bigger islands like Andros, Amorgos, or Paros. The biggest island in the Cyclades is Naxos, while the most populated is Syros.

I would encourage you to visit other islands and not stick only to the two most popular. Island-hopping in Greece is an amazing way to spend your holiday. Include other, less-known islands in your trip, and you will not regret it.

How far is between Santorini and Mykonos?

The distance between both islands is around 100 km, 118 km by ferry (64 nautical miles).

The ferry journey time is around 2-3 hours, depending on the ferry type.

Santorini to Mykonos Day Trip

If you search for one-day trips from Santorini to Mykonos on the most known tour portals, like GetYourGuide, you will notice there are no Santorini to Mykonos day trips available.

You can find the opposite-direction trip from Mykonos to Santorini by private boat, but that’s all. It’s because it’s not easy to organise such a trip. Firstly, because it’s a pretty long distance. Although this probably wouldn’t be the main blocker, similar ferry travel is between Crete and Santorini, and there are day trips organised. More importantly, it’s because there are no good ferries.

Taking the first ferry, you would arrive in Mykonos only around 12 and, during many days, you would have to take the last ferry back already around 3 p.m. Such a trip wouldn’t be worth it at all.

If you travel during the peak season (in July and August), there are more ferries. There are days that you could arrive in Mykonos just before 12 and leave with the ferry at 7 p.m. Adding transfers to ports, you would have around 5-6 hours of visiting. Plus around 5 hours on the ferry. It’s doable, but again, not really worth it, it’s not enough time.

The other option is to take the flights if you are able to find good timings with relatively short change. However, again, it’s a lot of effort and travel for a relatively short time to visit.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, you can think of taking a one-day trip to islands that are closer, for example, Ios. Another solution is a 2-day trip with one night on Mykonos.

The third option is to add both islands to the island-hopping trip.

Santorini to Mykonos: Flight

Both islands have international airports with many connections, especially during the summer season. However, there are no direct flights between Mykonos and Santorini. In both options, Olympic Air/Aegean Air or Sky Express, you fly via Athens.

Both flights are short, 40 and 50 minutes, and there are options with short change. Then the journey takes around 2 and a half hours, so there could be similar timing to a ferry (although again, not all flights have such a short change; it can take you more time).

A flight is probably a good option if you don’t tolerate water transport.


Santorini Airport is close to Fira, the island’s capital. You can reach Fira by private transfer or by public transport. If you want to visit Oia, you will need to change buses at the bus station in Fira. All the details about how to get around Santorini you can read here.

Mykonos Airport is located around 4 km from Mykonos Town; bus schedules are available here; and private transfers are available here.

Santorini to Mykonos: Ferry

Ferry is the most popular way, but also the easiest and nicer way with views of the Aegean Sea to get from Santorini to Mykonos. The typical crossing time is around 2 hours, although it varies depending on the ferry time. High speed ferries can take less than 2 hours, but a few other lines take around 3 hours.

The ferry price for a one-way trip is around 80-90 Euro.

A ferry trip is attractive because of the views and atmosphere, and I recommend this option.

Remember to book ferry tickets in advance, especially if you travel during the high season. Ferries tend to get really busy during the tourist season. And Santorini to Mykonos is a very popular route.

The most comfortable way is to search for schedules and book your tickets online here.

In summer, there are a few ferries per day, so you can choose which one you prefer. I like taking the ferry around 12. It’s a good time to have a calm morning, check out, and then when you arrive on the next island, it’s already around time to check in.


Ferries in Santorini leave from the port of Athinios. It’s around a 20-minute bus ride from Fira. You can find the bus schedule at the bus station, as it depends on the day and ferry timings.

Expect the Santorini port (same can be said about Mykonos port) to be crowded and chaotic, and there can be lines to ticket collection points. Check out if you need to collect the ticket or if the operator you travel with supports e-ticket when you buy the ticket.

Sometimes you can also collect the ticket in agencies in towns; that’s also a comfortable option.

Mykonos Ferry Port is around 2 km from Mykonos Town. It’s called New Port of Tourlos. Don’t get misled if you look at the map, as Old Port is also marked. It was used before by ferries now it’s mostly for fishermen and yachts and only occasionally by ferries. As per the general rule, bigger ferries arrive at and depart from New Port, which is the main ferry port.

Santorini to Mykonos: Helicopter

There is actually one more option: luxurious, adventurous, and with amazing views. It’s private helicopter transfers between islands, which will take you about 40 minutes, so it can save a lot of hassle.

Check it out and book it here if you prefer this stylish way of getting between islands.

Santorini to Mykonos: Summary

Every time I write an article about Greek islands, especially Cyclades, I feel like checking my flights, and I’m ready to go back there. It’s an incredible place with exceptional views and vibes. White houses and blue doms on cliffs, windmills, and Mykonos beaches… I hope now you know how to easily travel from Santorini to Mykonos.

It’s a great idea that you are planning the trip there and that you are looking at visiting more islands.

Check out Planbook. Cyclades (coming soon!) to organise your Greek island-hopping smoothly, quickly, and without the hassle of long research.

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