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What does Travelling Supporter mean? Name of the Blog Explained

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Why did I call my blog Travelling Supporter? What does it mean?

It will be a little bit different article than usual. First of all, I want to explain to you where the idea of the blog name comes from. Secondly, I hope to make the whole concept of sports travel clearer.

Hi, I’m Aleksandra, a travel blogger from Poland. On the blog, I write about 3 topics:

  • Travel advice about Europe, and I’m showing less known and obvious places,
  • Sport Travels, meaning tips on how to connect travelling and visiting with watching sports,
  • Sport Volunteering, where I share my volunteering experience, explain, and encourage others to volunteer (and you can also travel to volunteer, so it’s all connected😉).

Travelling Supporter: What does it mean?

In short, and as per (my) definition, Travelling Supporter is a supporter or sports fan who travels to participate in different sports events.

It sounds easy, and yes, it’s not rocket science to organise such a trip. But, there are some points that are different than during ‘normal’ travel, and these tips are what I want to share on this blog.

This is how I travel. Not only for sports, obviously, but I also travel ‘just like this’ without any sporting events happening. But I can for sure admit that I’m travelling supporter.

Travel and sports have been my passions for almost all my life. Connecting them into one is even better!

So I chose this name instead of all other ‘Aleksandra on the Journey’ options that also naturally came to my mind.

I hope the origin of the blog name is clear now and makes sense to you!

How did all this sport travel concept start for me?

It was years ago (it’s hard to admit, but let me say it: 20 years ago) when I had my 18thbirthday. In Poland, 18 is the special time when you ‘become adult’. My parents asked me what I wanted to get for this special birthday.

I choose: please pay me for the trip to Zakopane to see ski jumping. Zakopane is a very well-known resort in the Tatra Mountains in Poland. There is also a ski jumping hill where World Cup competitions take place.

Ski jumping is not a very popular sport all over the world, just in a few countries, for example, Germany, Austria, Norway, and Slovenia. Also in Poland, and back then, it was especially popular as we had Adam Małysz, a huge ski jumper star.

I went with the night bus and spent there 3 days, 2 days on the competition. It was a long journey, cold and tiring, and… great!

Somehow, for next years ,I didn’t travel for sports, although I was all the time on the move. I watched games on tv or live, if any were happening in the cities I lived in.

Then 2012 came, a very special year in sports. It happens every 4 years. In June, it’s the football UEFA European Championships, followed by the Olympic Games.

In 2012, the Euro took place in Poland. I watched one game in Gdańsk Stadium, and it just opened my appetite for more sports live. I decided to go for 2 weeks in London during the Olympics. Especially that the Polish volleyball team had chances for medals.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work well for them, but all in all, it was an amazing experience.

Since then, I knew that travelling for sports would be present in my life for good.

And it has been. Since then, I have travelled to European and World Championships in volleyball and handball, football games, and more.

In 2014, I also added sport volunteering, here you can read m0ore about it.

What if you don’t like sports?

Well, no problem at all. On the blog, I write about non-sporty travels too. I focus on places I really know well. I share my experiences, but also practical information. How to get, where to stay, what to see?

Check out information about Croatia, Greece, Poland, and Hungary.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you will find here useful information for you.

You can read more about me here and can contact me at any time: contact[at]travellingsupporter[dot]com.

Happy travels and great emotions at sports events!